Review of The 8 Mansion Murders due out May 1

“One of the funniest and cleverest novels of its type to hit the English-language market in years.” Publishers Weekly, April 9 issue.

T8M was historically the third book in the shinhonkaku renaissance of Japanese Golden Age style detective fiction. Two impossible crossbow murders in an 8-shaped house, plus a “quasi-locked room” lecture worthy of Carr’s Dr. Fell. What more can one ask?

2018_4_9 T8M PW Review

Reviews of forthcoming Vindry novel The Double Alibi

Noel Vindry’s The Double Alibi will be out on April 1 in tpb and ebook. Here are reviews from Publishers Weekly and The Invisible Event. No prizes for guessing which one I prefer.

In my humble opinion, it is one of the most intricately plotted novels in all of detective fiction: Anglo-Saxon, French or Japanese.

Happy New Year! Death in the Dark e-book and price reductions!

The previously impossible to find Death In The Dark is now available in e-book format for a mere $9.99 and the trade paperback version is now $19.99. What a bargain!

The following books are now available for $15.99 tpb and $7.99 e-book: Paul Halter’s The Phantom Passage, Death Invites You, and The Vampire Tree; and Ulf Durling’s Hard Cheese.

The Derek Smith Omnibus trilogy Whistle Up The Devil, Come To Paddington Fair, and Model For Murder is now available for $24.99 in paperback. The e-book price remains at $9.99 and the prices for the individual novels remain unchanged.

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2018!


The House That Kills: Kindle Version and Price Cut

With considerable help from my friend Jim Noy at the excellent blog  there is now a Kindle version of Noel Vindry’s The House That Kills ($7.99). At the same time, I’ve lowered the price on the paperback version to be in line with other older publications ($15.99).